Today we made parachutes – what did we discover about air resistance? How did we make the parachutes?image




On Friday, we did some experiments to separate unwanted substances from the Ancient Citadel’s well water. We had to separate salt from water, pebbles from water, weeds from water, oil from water and sand from water! How did we do it and what did we find out?

Willow’s Marvellous Medicine!


What a marvellous Science Day we’ve had!! Apart from an exciting whole school assembly, we took part in a workshop which used, ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl as inspiration. We had great fun mixing chemicals, testing them using universal indicator paper and using the ph scale to identify them as acid, neutral or alkaline. As an extra bonus, we learnt about the history of medicine in Medieval times.

What new science did you learn today Willow?

How can we use what we learnt about the history of medicine in our topic work?

Willow’s Creative Coasters


Today, Willow had a fantastic day at Drayton Manor Theme Park ! Strangely, we didn’t go on any rides because they were closed for the winter.  Instead, we spent the morning designing, testing and comparing rollercoaster rides. In the afternoon, we had a tour of the zoo where we got the oppotunity to feed the meerkats mealy worms and locusts. Finally, we made ‘presents’ for the Black Leopards to make them search for meat and observed the Leopards ‘opening’ our presents. Guess what? We had the whole theme park to ourselves!

What did you learn about rollercoasters today Willow?

What did you learn about the animals?


Ickydoodah Day


Willow have had a fantastic day today. First we met the author and illustrator Simon Murray and picked up some very useful drawing tips. After that, we began to create picture books set on the planet Mars which we intend to give to Reception and Year 1 children. Later in the day, we were treated to a workshop with Simon and followed his important rules to create our own versions of the mischevious Ickydoodah.

Here are some of our creations. We hope you like them.

Willow, what did you learn about illustrating from Ickydoodah Day?